Unlocking the value of utilised resources

Welcome to Tadweer Group where we are redefining waste management and reshaping the future through sustainable practices and innovative solutions.
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Towards a greener future

At Tadweer Group, we’re dedicated to a sustainable future. Learn more about where you can recycle and the importance of source segregation on our page
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Revolutionising waste management

Tadweer Group, part of ADQ’s Energy & Utilities portfolio, is building the roadmap for sustainable waste practices and supporting the global shift towards a greener future. Our brand identity, renewed strategy and ambitions for growth enable us to revolutionise waste management, unlock its value and set new standards for the circular economy.

In addition to its commitment to Abu Dhabi, Tadweer Group has ambitious international goals, convening like-minded organisations across the globe through innovative collaborations and partnerships as we make significant contributions.

New Era

Begins with our transformation into Tadweer Group, which signifies a new era of commitment to unlocking the value of un-utilised resources for a sustainable future.

Our Promise

is to unlock the value of un-utilised resources for a sustainable future. We are committed to leveraging technologies and sustainable practices to extract value from waste, reduce environmental impact, and nurture a circular economy.

Our Brand

is more than just a name change – it’s a vibrant declaration of our dedication to innovation, collaboration, and resourcefulness. The logo embodies our commitment to sustainability and the circular economy. The blue and green colors represent nature and the environment, while the circular shape signifies our commitment to creating a circular economy where resources are utilised efficiently and sustainably.

New Journey

Join us on our journey as we harness the potential of waste to create a more sustainable world for generations to come.